Terms of service

Last update on (02/05/2018)


The chatbot named STUDIZZ BOT was developed by the company STUDIZZ, simplified joint-stock company with capital of 50 000euros, registered with the Trade and Companies Register of Créteil, under number 790 184 006, whose head office is located at 24 rue du roundabout, 94360 Bry-sur-Marne.

Any access and use of the STUDIZZ BOT chatbot requires the consultation and acceptance of these terms and conditions of use. The user acknowledges that access and use of STUDIZZ BOT requires compliance with all the requirements defined herein.


The terms below defined in these terms have the following meaning:

« TOS »: refers to the present general conditions of use of STUDIZZ BOT.

« Service » or « STUDIZZ BOT »: means the service provided by STUDIZZ SAS to the User, regardless of the conversational channel used.Through an automated and personalized conversation, instantly the bot interacts with the user, taking into account the information indicated to improve the search for information on the websites of higher education institutions.

« Partner »: any higher education institution providing STUDIZZ BOT Users on one or more websites of which it is the holder.

« Conversational channel »: means the virtual assistant or « chatbot » developed by STUDIZZ SAS, called STUDIZZ BOT and present on the website (s) of a partner, and constituting a means of dialogue between the User and STUDIZZ SAS. The provision of STUDIZZ BOT on the partner’s website is the subject of a contract between STUDIZZ SAS and the partner concerned.

« Studizz »: means the publisher of the STUDIZZ BOT chatbot and the controller of your personal data that has been collected via the Conversational Channel, with your prior express consent.

« User »: means any natural person interacting with STUDIZZ SAS via the STUDIZZ BOT chatbot made available on the partner’s website.




The User may use STUDIZZ BOT subject to prior acceptance of these Terms by clicking on the « I accept » button.

The User declares to have obtained from STUDIZZ SAS all the necessary information regarding the use of the STUDIZZ BOT and associated services, and adheres without reservation to these Terms.


The TOS may be modified or adjusted at any time by STUDIZZ SAS in particular to reflect the changes made to the chatbot.

In case of modification of the TOS, the new general conditions will be notified to users by any digital means chosen by STUDIZZ and must be accepted again by clicking on the button « I accept ».

The TOS linked from the STUDIZZ BOT take precedence over any previously printed version.


In any case, on the date of the first use of the STUDIZZ BOT chatbot by the User, the TOS are deemed read and applicable.

The User may at any time waive the use of the STUDIZZ BOT chatbot and associated services but remains responsible for any previous use.


Registration and access of the User

To access the service, the User must initiate a conversation with STUDIZZ directly on the sites of the partner institutions. During his/her first contact with STUDIZZ, the User has to have a valid email and to accept these Terms. The User is responsible for the use of his/her details and his/her device. The User is informed that any third party who uses his/her device may potentially use the Service on his/her behalf. Consequently, to limit this risk, the User must secure access to his/her device. The User agrees to use the STUDIZZ BOT Service only for the purposes authorized by the TOS, and any law, regulation or practice or directive generally accepted in the relevant jurisdictions. Consequently, the User acknowledges being the one and only responsible with regard to STUDIZZ of all acts made from his/her data communicated during the registration during the first connection. If the User is aware of an unauthorized use of the service on his/her behalf, he/she agrees to inform STUDIZZ without delay to the e-mail address: contact[at]studizz.fr.

Service Availability

The service is accessible to Users 24 / 24h, 7 / 7d, except interruption, scheduled or not, for maintenance or force majeure, without prior notification to the User. STUDIZZ may be required to interrupt the site and / or the service, at any time without notice, all without right to compensation.

The website and the Service is updated regularly by the owner. In the same way, the legal notices may be modified at any time, without notice and are binding on the User without reservation. The User is deemed to accept them unreservedly and refer to them regularly for changes.

Use of the Service

Under no circumstances will STUDIZZ be responsible for the quality of the content of the service, the loss or damage of any kind whatsoever resulting from the use of the service. Associated services may contain hypertext links to third-party content that does not originate from STUDIZZ and is not controlled. STUDIZZ does not endorse or assume any responsibility for such third party sites, information, content, products, or services. The User’s use of these third-party sites or services is at his/her own risk.

STUDIZZ can not be held responsible for typographical errors or inaccuracies appearing through the Service by conversation with STUDIZZ BOT, or any damage resulting from its use. The User remains responsible for his/her equipment and use, and he/she bears the direct or indirect costs following his/her connection to the Internet.

The User releases STUDIZZ of responsibility for any damage that he/she may suffer or cause, directly or indirectly, because of any use of the STUDIZZ BOT chatbot and services offered not in accordance with these TOS.

Studizz also reserves the right to question the user’s civil and / or criminal liability, especially in the event of a racist, abusive, defamatory or pornographic messages, regardless of the medium used (text, photography, etc.) .

Banishment of the service

In case of non-compliance with the Terms by a User, STUDIZZ reserves the right to restrict access to STUDIZZ BOT User audit, without notice.

Studizz also reserves the right to question the user’s civil and / or criminal liability, especially in the event of a racist, abusive, defamatory or pornographic message, regardless of the medium used (text, photography, etc.) .

STUDIZZ does not endorse and assumes no responsibility for the consequences of stopping the service for the User.

Extension of the proposed services

The company STUDIZZ operates internet services (platform and Chatbot) accessible at www.studizz.fr , on the partner sites and via the Facebook Messenger messaging system using available technologies, including a computer or a mobile terminal, and allowing Users and interacting Members to interact, create and publish online, under certain conditions, their profile in particular to obtain information on studies, careers and academic and professional guidance, to exchange, in particular by communicating with the Artificial Intelligence STUDIZZ BOT and by getting in contact with other members.

To this end, the Site offers the previously registered user a number of features, exclusively dedicated to his/her orientation and / or his/her career. All Members are also therefore Users and therefore accept these TOS.


We inform you that Studizz implements processing of personal data, for which it is responsible, with the following purposes:

  • the execution of operations relating in the management of the customers concerning the requests for information, the follow-up of the relationship with the customers by Studizz and / or the contractual partner and the exchanges between the customer and / or Studizz and / or the contractual partner ;

  • the performance of solicitation and / or prospecting operations in the field of initial and in-service training and for ancillary services (student mutuals, housing, student aid)

  • the constitution of a file of users, customers and prospects;

  • the development of trade statistics;

  • the assignment, lease or exchange of its customer files and prospect files for authorized recipients;

  • the management of requests for rights of interrogation, access, rectification, opposition and post-mortem directives. User recognition when visiting multiple Partner sites to enhance the user experience

The legal bases of these treatments are the following: the collection of your consent and the necessity linked to the execution of the contract between Studizz and its contractual partner.

The categories of data collected are data relating to your identity (surname, first name, e-mail address, telephone number) and your professional life (level of study, training establishment).

Data collected via the Conversational Channel is mandatory. In their absence, you will not be able to benefit from the services offered by the Studizz chatbot, and more generally by Studizz, and the other aims pursued could also be affected.

This information is intended for Studizz and its contractual partner, unless opposed by you for the latter, for the aforementioned purposes.

In accordance with the regulations on the protection of personal data, you have the right to access, query, rectify, erase (right to forget) and limit the processing of data about you.

You also have the right to:

  • oppose at any time, for reasons related to your particular situation, a processing of personal data concerning you. ;

  • set guidelines for the retention, erasure and communication of personal data after your death.

  • withdraw your consent at any time. The withdrawal of your consent will not affect the lawfulness of the retention of your data prior to such withdrawal.

These rights are exercised by mail accompanied by a copy of an identity document signed at the e-mail address contact(AT)studizz.fr, or at the postal address
Studizz 440 clos de la courtine 93160 Noisy Le Grand

You can also edit or delete some of your data directly by clicking on the « my profile » tab of the Studizz chatbot.

Finally, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés.

The details of the person in charge of the treatment are the following: Antoine Balourdet Studizz company 440 closed of the curtain 93160 Noisy Le Grand

In addition, Studizz informs you of the existence of the « Blocktel » telephone solicitation list, on which you can register here:https://conso.bloctel.fr/

Regarding the data relating to the management of customers and prospects, your personal data will not be kept beyond the time strictly necessary to manage our relationship with you. However, the data allowing to establish the proof of a right or a contract, to be conserved for the respect of a legal obligation, will be conserved for the duration envisaged by the law in force.

Regarding possible prospecting operations for customers, their data may be kept for a period of three years from the end of the relationship, namely the date of the last contact from the customer.

Personal data relating to a prospect, non-client, may be kept for a period of three years from their collection by Studizz or the last contact from the prospect (for example, a request for documentation or a click on a link hypertext contained in an email).

At the end of this three-year period, we will be able to contact you again to find out if you wish to continue receiving commercial solicitations.In the absence of a positive and explicit answer from you, the data will be deleted or archived in accordance with the provisions in force.

In the case of an exercise of the right of access or rectification with Studizz, the data relating to the pieces of identity can be kept during a period of one year. In the case of an exercise of the right of opposition, this data may be archived for a period of three years.

If you exercise your right of objection to receive prospecting from Studizz, the information allowing you to take into account your right of opposition must be kept for at least three years from the exercising of your right of opposition. We inform you that this data can not in any case be used by STUDIZZ for a purposes other than the management of the right of opposition and only the data necessary to take into account the right of opposition must be retained.


These Terms and Conditions do not carry any assignment of any kind of intellectual property rights to the items belonging to STUDIZZ SAS or any third party for the benefit of the User.

The application, brands, drawings, models, images, texts, photos, logos, graphics, software and programs, databases, sounds, videos, domain names, design or any other element making up the STUDIZZ BOT chatbot, are the exclusive property of STUDIZZ SAS and are protected by any intellectual or industrial property right recognized by the laws in force, or the rights relating to one or more of these elements. were acquired regularly by STUDIZZ SAS to enable it to operate the STUDIZZ BOT chatbot.

Any reproduction and / or representation, total or partial of one of these rights, without the expressed authorization of STUDIZZ SAS, is prohibited and would constitute an infringement.

Consequently, the User is prohibited from any action and any act likely to infringe directly or indirectly the intellectual property rights of STUDIZZ SAS.


By using the STUDIZZ BOT service, the User agrees to:

  • Respect local and national laws in their country of residence for online services and content

  • Not send comments or photos that are violent, racist, or directly or indirectly insinuate threats to others

  • Not send pornographic, child pornography, or any other sexual nature involving human beings, whether they are totally or partially naked

  • Respect the present general conditions and the particular regulations

  • Recognize that STUDIZZ has the right to remove any content without prior notice


Any dispute in connection with the use of the site and STUDIZZ BOT is subject to French law. Any dispute will be submitted to the competent jurisdiction.


9.1 Hypertext links

Conversations with STUDIZZ BOT as well as additional information sent to the User on his/her email address may contain hypertext links to the Partners’s sites and / or STUDIZZ SAS sites.

STUDIZZ declines all responsibility for the contents of the information provided on the sites of its Partners for the activation of the hypertext links referring to their Internet sites and for the policies of confidentiality of these sites. The User can not invoke the responsibility of STUDIZZ SAS in case of loss or damage of any kind because of the activation of these hypertext links.


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